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Developmental Disabilities Program





  • Incident Management Workgroup

COMMITTEE CHAIR:  Connie Wethern, DDP Regional Manager

OUTCOME:  Develop recommendations to DDP on modifications to the incident management policy and rule.


  • Discontinuation of Services Rule Workgroup

COMMITTEE CHAIR:  Shannon Merchen, DDP Regional Manager

OUTCOME: Develop recommendations to DDP on the Discontinuation of Services Rule and draft proposal of a handbook/guidelines to accompany the rule.


  • Special Services Population/Gerry Blasingame Workgroup

COMMITTEE CHAIR:  Paula Tripp, DDP Regional Manager

OUTCOME: Develop recommendations to DDP on potential services/service definitions, assessments, etc. that can be added to the 0208 waiver during an amendment.


  • Individuals with High-Needs/Behaviors that pose a significant risk Workgroup  - (not including those with sex-offender risks)

COMMITTEE CHAIR:  Connie Orr, DDP Crisis Team Supervisor

OUTCOME: Develop recommendation to DDP on the crisis team role.Recommendations to DDP on potential crisis services to build into the waiver including out-of-home crisis supports.


  • PSP Workgroup:

COMMITTEE CHAIR:  Loretta Lowe, DDP Case Manager

OUTCOME: Develop recommendations to DDP on current process, including assessments, data base, rule and policy/procedure manual.



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