MedCompass Workgroup Meetings

DDP MedCompass Workgroup Overview

As the first program to implement the MedCompass care management system, DDP is assisting with the design of the system to ensure it meets our needs. A small group of state staff and contracted providers are part of a MedCompass Workgroup that meets regularly to review the product as we move through design sessions. The Workgroup provides critical feedback and input into the system design.

Providers play a key role on the workgroup to ensure the system meets their needs. Providers give input on key design and security decisions, build awareness, offer feedback, and provide information about how their staff access the system.

You can find the minutes from the Workgroup meetings below.


Personal Support Plan - 01/16/2020

Meeting Minutes - 01/30/2020

Meeting Minutes - 02/27/2020

Provider User Roles - 02/27/2020

Meeting Minutes - 05/28/2020