Children's Special Health Services


Children's Special Health Services, Montana's Children's Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) program is funded with 30% of the Title V (MCH Services) of the Social Security Act.


Goals & Objectives

Children's Special Health Services focuses on building, measuring, and monitoring a complex system of care for Children and Youth Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) with the following goals:

Goal: Assure Family Participation & Satisfaction
Family members, including those representative of the culturally diverse communities served, must have a meaningful, enduring, and leading role in the development of systems at all levels.

Goal: Access to Medical Home
CYSHCN have an identified source of ongoing routine health care in their community.

Goal: Support Early and Continuous Screening
Infants and children with high-risk health conditions must be identified early.

Goal: Adequate Insurance
CSHCN families have a way to pay for services. The state Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) program can help address this need, but resources and partnerships with other programs to address under insurance and provide "wrap-around services" are needed.

Goal: Access to Community-based Systems of Care
A system of care must be organized in such a way that needs can be identified, and services provided, and that there are mechanisms to pay for them.

Goal: Facilitate Transition to Adulthood
When they transition to adulthood a youth with special health care needs must be able to expect good health care, employment with benefits, and independence.