Mission Statement

“The Intensive Behavior Center is committed to providing quality care, treatment and support for individuals with intellectual disability and mental illness with focus on community reintegration.”


The Intensive Behavior Center (IBC) is an intensive, short-term treatment facility in Boulder MT for individuals who have intellectual disabilities. IBC is a 12-bed facility that provides an environment for building healthy, effective, and fulfilling lives so those receiving treatment can live successfully in the community after discharge.    


During the 2015 legislative session, Senate Bill 411 was passed, mandating downsizing and closure of the Montana Developmental Center (MDC). Since 1893, the MDC existed to provide an environment for building healthy, effective, and fulfilling lives for people with serious developmental disabilities who had been determined by a court to meet commitment requirements. DPHHS worked with providers on successfully preparing to transition clients into the community. After the last MDC client transferred out, MDC officially closed on November 1, 2018. 

Despite the closure of MDC, the Development Disabilities Program community recognized the need for intensive therapeutic placement for individuals with developmental disabilities.  HB 387 addressed this need through the development of the Intensive Behavior Center (IBC); a 12-bed facility that would serve as an option for individuals who are not able to be safely served in the community. 

Since there would only be 12-beds available, DPHHS had to carefully consider the population that the IBC could serve. Based on data in 2016 gathered by the Development Disabilities Program Behavior Consultation Team (BCT), of the 58 referrals that the BCT received, 35 were for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or a similar condition. BCT is the entity that receives referrals from community providers when an individual in their care is displaying problem behaviors to such an extent as to be at-risk for loss of placement or harm to self or to others.  Based on this information and the professional recommendation from the MDC/IBC treating psychiatrists, it was decided that the IBC would focus on the population of adults with autism spectrum disorder. 

The IBC is now currently operating and serving individuals in a therapeutic environment. 

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