COVID-19 Resources

Faith and community leaders are a valuable source of information and support for their members during stressful times including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly half of Americans feel anxious about COVID-19. Faith and community leaders play an important role in providing comfort and support. Use the information in the Resources and How You Can Help sections to support people in your community.

  • Interested in hosting a COVID-19 Immunization Clinic for your members? Contact Tracy Moseman for help setting up a clinic in your congregation.

  • Host a virtual coffee hour for those that are quarantined or are health compromised and not yet ready to join social gatherings in person.

  • Have a youth group or outreach committee bake cookies and then deliver to those socially isolated by leaving the goodies on their doorstep to avoid physical contact.

  • Many youth are struggling with social anxiety as they work to reacclimate to in person gatherings after months of social isolation. Host group conversations with your youth group to talk about the impacts of social isolation and the process for reintegrating into social events. Create a safe climate in which youth can share and support each other. 

  • Assign or encourage those whom you serve to seek out a “buddy” who will check in on and help care for them, should they get sick, or if they are remaining virtual for health and safety concerns.