Montana CACFP Applications

Day Care Homes: If you are interested in applying for participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program, please contact a Sponsoring Organization of Day Care Homes near you.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer

Center Applications

Online Center Application System

New Centers
  • Access the New Center Online Application System
  • Instructions on Updating Application
  • A login and password will be created upon initial access.
  • Once the center application is approved, center staff requiring access to the system will need to follow the instructions below in order to obtain access to the Online Application and Claims System for participating centers.
  • Additional application supplements may be required, see below.
Participating Centers

Please note: Online access is granted to an individual and not to a facility as a whole. Logins and passwords should only be used by individuals to which they have been assigned and under NO circumstances should they EVER be shared with another individual. By sharing login IDs and passwords, all State of Montana network security policies and rules are violated and access may be terminated.


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Paper Application


Application Supplements

Sponsor Management Plans

  1. State Agency Cover Letter (PDF)
  2. Sponsor Management Plan Cover Page (PDF)
  3. Application Update (PDF)
  4. Management Plan Update Log (PDF)
  5. Table of Contents (PDF)
  6. Sec 1 Accountability Controls (PDF)
  7. Sec 2 Financial Viability & Controls (PDF)
  8. Sec 3 A-133 Audits (PDF)
  9. Sec 4 Organizational Capability (PDF)
  10. Sec 5 Claim Submission and Minute Menu Procedures (PDF)
  11. Sec 6 Licensing, Pre-Enrollment and Provider Training (PDF)
  12. Sec 7 Monitoring (PDF)
  13. Sec 8 & 9 Corrective Action SD Confidentiality (PDF)
  14. Sec 10 Tier Determination Procedures (PDF)
  15. Att C ‘Building for the Future’ (USDA PDF)
  16. Att F CACFP Application for Participation Civil Rights Compliance (PDF)
  17. Att F 2010 Census Data Race Ethnicity by County and Reservation in Montana (PDF)
  18. Att F Civil Rights Compliance and Enforcement (PDF)
  19. Att G Instructions & Record of Civil Rights Compliance Training (PDF)
  20. Att G Record of Civil Rights Compliance Training (PDF)
  21. Att M Budget including SPWA Designations (Excel)
  22. Att O Line Item Justification (PDF)
  23. Att P Operation Expense & Cost Allocation Plan (PDF)
  24. Att Q Specific Prior Written Approval Request Form (PDF)
  25. Att R Staff Salaries Table (fillable form PDF)
  26. Att S Out-of-State Travel Justification (PDF)
  27. Att V Outside Employment Policy
  28. Att Z Board Certifications (Excel)
  29. Att DD Sample Training Agenda (PDF)
  30. Att EE 5-Day Meal Reconciliation Procedure (PDF)
  31. Att HH Meal Disallowance Policy Revision (PDF)
  32. Depreciation Schedule (PDF)
  33. Staffing Factors (Word)

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer