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STARS Site Videos and Resources

STARS Site Videos and Resources

STARS site guidance and procedures

Log In to the STARS site

  1. Intro Video (10:06)

    1. Welcome to using the STARS Site to apply for STARS and to submit for a STAR rating. As you progress through these videos, feel free to stop, pause, fast forward and/or rewind the video as you need. These videos are designed to assist you in using the STARS Site and can be taken at any time and at your own pace.
      1. STARS Review (:24)
      2. Begin Process/Log In (3:42)
      3. Forgot ID/Password (8:06)
      4. Helpful Site Information (8:47)
      5. Overview of Site (9:24)
  2. Status Video (2:32)

    1. The status tab is an informational tab that you will want to review on occasion for accuracy and if you need to make changes to the organization identification questions.
  3. Organization Details (2:43)

    1. The Org Details tab is much like the status tab in that it solely provides information about your program; however, you do have the ability to change your password, add administrative users, and edit contact information.
  4. Program Info (7:39)

    1. The program info tab is gathering information about your program. In this tab you are able to customize your program’s profile, add accreditation if applicable, and enter your philosophy statement.
  5. Employees Tab (2:28)

    1. The employees tab allows you to view information on employees attached to your program and end date their information. This tab has a direct effect on the classrooms tab and STARS/ECP CCUBS sub-tab.
  6. Classrooms Tab (6:12)

    1. The classrooms tab allows you to edit information in regards to the classrooms in your program, which includes number of classrooms, ages of children, number of children, number of high needs children, director of record, lead teachers, and teachers.
  7. Reports Tab (0:20)

    1. At this time, if you click on the reports tab, you will see a message stating that there are no reports available at this time. In the future you will have the ability to utilize these reports. Stay tuned!
  8. STARS Tab (16:06)

    1. The STARS tab has 5 sub-tabs: status, assessments, ECP/CCUBS employees, STARS checklist, and resources. This tab contains a lot of information and is very essential in applying for the STARS program and submitting for a rating (STAR level).
      1. Intro
      2. Status Sub-Tab (0:11)
      3. Assessments Sub-Tab (9:29)
      4. ECP/CCUBS Employees Sub-Tab (10:08)
      5. STARS Checklist Sub-Tab (11:53)
      6. Resources (15:07)
      7. Review (15:46)