Montana Medical Marijuana Program

The objective of Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program is to develop a well-regulated program so that individuals with a debilitating medical condition can safely access the medicine they need.

House Bill 701 was passed by the 2021 Montana Legislature and signed into law by Governor Gianforte on 5/18/2021. House Bill 701 amends both the recreational marijuana initiative I-190 and the Montana Medical Marijuana Act. Below is a list of items cardholders should be aware of, however, please note this list is not comprehensive. For further information, the bill can be read here.

  • Current registered cardholders do not need to take any immediate action. Existing registrations remain valid.
  • The Medical Marijuana Program will move from Department of Public Health and Human Services to Department of Revenue effective 7/1/2021 (HB701 Section 78 (5) (Mont. Code Ann. § 50-46-302(5)).
  • As part of the move to DOR, the MMP website, physical office location, and some contact info will also change.  This current website will direct to the new website as soon as it is made available.  Please update your own links or bookmarks accordingly.
  • Registered cardholders who opt to grow their own medicine are now able to purchase from licensed dispensaries. Default purchase limits are the same as cardholders who do not grow: 1 ounce per day or a maximum of 5 ounces per month (HB701 Section 81 (1) (Mont. Code Ann. § 50-46-319(1)).
  • Registered cardholders who opt to grow their own medicine are allowed 4 mature and 4 seedling plants, with a maximum of 8 mature and 8 seedling plants per household if there are multiple cardholders (HB701 Section 41 (1)(c) (Mont. Code Ann. § 16-12-106(1)(c)).
  • Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

For information about adult-use marijuana, please see the Department of Revenue Frequently Asked Questions (updated 5/20/2021).

Important Information related to COVID-19:

  • For inquiries related to COVID-19 effects on the program, please email
  • Pursuant to Governor Gianforte's Directive 2-2021, telemedicine is allowed for all medical marijuana recommendations by a licensed Montana physician. Please note this does include all new patients and renewals.



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