Montana Medical Marijuana Program

Latest Information on Vaping and Possible Health Complications

The Montana Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) has gone through extensive changes since it became law in 2004. The most recent changes occurred when the 2019 Legislature passed SB265 creating more detailed program regulations. Some of the provisions in the new law went into effect upon passage, May 3, 2019. The list below is not a comprehensive list and patients, providers, physicians and labs are encouraged to become familiar with the provisions of the new law.

  1. The temporary moratorium on new provider licenses has been lifted as of 6/17/2019.  New and existing providers may once again apply for new business licenses.
  2. Temporary cards upon receipt of application.
    1. The Department is working with the licensing software vendor to make temporary cards available. New cards are currently being processed the same day they are received.
      1. Providers should not be making their own temporary cards.
      2. Providers should not sell product using the application number in place of a card number.
  3. Providers may not arrange or pay for a physician visit.
    1. The department will be contacting providers who are arranging physician appointments. This includes but is not limited to visits arranged through dispensaries, websites or social media sites.

Please do not call to check your status prior to 30 days from the date we receive your application.

Complia & METRC Application Quick Guide for Providers