Montana Medical Marijuana Program

Employees (Agent)

Employees (Agents) need to have their employee badge on them at all times during working hours.



License Type Fee
Employee Badges  $10.00
Replacement Badge $10.00
  • Payment must be made online by Credit/Debit Card, ACH, or mail in a check or money order. Mailed in payments will be processed upon receipt and may delay your application. No cash is allowed. Do NOT send cash.
  • Each application must have its own individual payment.
  • All fees are for the application processing and will not be refunded if the application is incomplete, denied or the card is revoked.

Employee Application Requirements

  • All employee applicants will apply online via Complia’s Industry Portal
  • The following is required when you submit your application for an employee badge
    • Photo of the employee applicant
      • The photo must be SQUARE and properly oriented. Sideways or rectangular photos will be rejected. Please contact METRC Support for assistance rotating/cropping a photo. Photo must be a clear, color photo of the patient's unobscured face taken within the last six months to reflect the patient’s current appearance with a plain white or off-white background. The patient must be directly facing the camera, have a neutral facial expression or natural smile with both eyes open, no sunglasses, and hats removed. The photo should be from the shoulders up. Generally, the photo should look like a driver’s license or passport photo. The file may not be digitally enhanced or altered in a way that changes the patient’s appearance. Photos that do not adhere to these requirements will be rejected.
    • Employees working at a lab must submit fingerprints and have their background check complete before an application can be processed. 
    • Copy of MT Driver’s License, MT State ID, Tribal ID, or Passport. If submitting a passport, include a proof of residency document. Acceptable proof of residency documents include a utility bill or lease agreement. Please contact the department for additional guidance.
  • Employee applications will be processed in the order received
  • An email notification will be sent upon receipt of application. After review, an email indicating approval, rejection, or denial will be sent. Further instructions will be included if applicable.
  • If your application was rejected, follow the Application Rejection Process to remediate the outstanding issues and resubmit your application.
  • Expiration dates will be 1 year from the day an application is approved.
  • Submit Renewal applications 30 days before expiration date to allow for processing. Renewal notifications will be emailed 30 days before badges expire.
  • Contact Montana Medical Marijuana Program (406) 444-0596 for questions regarding the application process

Change Requests

  • These changes must be submitted to the department within 10 days to avoid being revoked from the registry:
    • Personal information
      Mailing address
    • Begin working for a lab
    • Request to be removed from registry