Montana Medical Marijuana Program

Testing Laboratories

General Information

  • The state laboratory is responsible for licensing and inspecting testing laboratories
  • Contact Kathy Wiegand-Palmer at the Public Health Laboratory at or (406) 444-1548 with any laboratory related questions.
  • Laboratories must have a valid license displayed in their place of business that is easily identifiable. 
  • Employees (Agents) must have their employee badge on them at all times during working hours. Please see Industry Employees page for further information.
  • Payment must be made online by Credit/Debit Card, ACH, or check or money order can be mailed in. Mailed in payments will be processed upon receipt and may delay your application.
  • All fees are for the application processing and will not be refunded if the application is incomplete, denied or the card is revoked. (ARM 37.107.117 (6))

Application Requirements

  • Applications are submitted through the Complia Industry Portal
  • New Testing Laboratories should submit two separate applications: one for a New Canopy license and one for a New Location license – the location type should be ‘Laboratory’
  • New Testing Laboratory license applications must include the following for each Person of Interest and the Scientific Director:
  • Every individual who will work for the business must apply for an Agent badge through Complia, including all Persons of Interest and the Scientific Director.
  • Lab applications will be processed in the order received
  • An email notification will be sent upon receipt of application. After review, an email indicating approval, return for correction, or denial will be sent. Further instructions will be included if applicable.
  • When an application is approved, an email notification will be sent with instructions on how to get credentialed into METRC’s tracking system. Access to METRC is not available until a license application has been approved.
  • Expiration dates will be 1 year from the day the application is approved.
  • Licensees must submit renewal applications at least 30 days before expiration to allow time for processing.


License Type Fee
Laboratory License $2000.00


Change Requests

  • Changes to laboratory employees are managed through the laboratory's METRC account
  • Updates to license information are submitted through a License Update Application through Complia’s Industry Portal and must be reported timely to the department.
  • More specifically: A licensee must notify the department within 30 calendar days of any changes in the following:
    • Anyone identified as an applicant or Scientific Director
    • Change in ownership
    • Temporary closure of longer than 30 days
    • Permanent closure of the business

Forms and Resources