Montana Medical Marijuana Program

Provider Information

General Information

  • Montana’s medical marijuana industry is vertically integrated – this means a licensee must cultivate and/or manufacture all medical marijuana products they will sell. There is no wholesaling or processing between providers.
  • License types (further information below in the Application Requirements section):
    • Canopy License – This is the main business license and is structured in tiers from Micro through Tier 9. The tier level establishes how many Provider Location licenses and total square feet of cultivation a business may operate.
    • Provider Location License – a Provider Location license is required to for each cultivation location. The number available to a licensee is limited by Canopy Tier level.
    • MIPP Location License – one MIPP license is required for each manufacturing facility. A Chemical Manufacturing Endorsement is a prerequisite to approve a MIPP license. There is no limit to how many MIPP licenses a licensee may have. The MIPP license is optional and allows a licensee to produce and sell products not intended for smoking such as edibles, ointments, and tinctures.
    • Dispensary Location License – one Dispensary Location license is required for each dispensary. Providers who only make deliveries are required to have one dispensary license, but it does not have to be a storefront.
    • Chemical Manufacturing Endorsement – available to any business at startup or later on. A business that will manufacture and have MIPP licenses only needs one Chemical Manufacturing endorsement.
    • Fees for each license type are below.
  • Licensed business data is statutorily required to be published on the program website. Each dispensary license will be on the list with its trade name, phone number, and city.

Application Requirements

  • Applications are submitted through the Complia Industry Portal.
  • Click here for a visual guide to the application process: Complia and Metrc application quick guide for providers
  • A new business requires a minimum of three licenses: Canopy, Provider Location (cultivation), and Dispensary Location. A Chemical Manufacturing endorsement and MIPP Location licenses are optional. Initial licenses must all be applied for at the same time.
  • For specific requirements related to each type of license, see the Inspection Checklist.
  • New Canopy applications must include the following for each Person of Interest:
    • Fingerprints to facilitate a background check
    • Applicant Rights and Consent to Fingerprint form
      • Required every year for running fingerprint or name based background checks.
    • Copy of Montana Driver’s License, Montana State ID, or Tribal ID from a Montana based tribe.
    • Proof of three years residency
    • Property owner permission form for any registered premise the business does not own.
    • Person of Interest Entity Disclosure Form must be included for any Person that is not an individual. Types of Persons (entities) that require this form include (but are not limited to) LLC, Partnership, S-Corp, etc.
      • This form is not required if the applicant is registering as an individual (or group of individuals).
  • Every individual who will work for the business must apply for an Agent badge through Complia. See the on our website for further information.
  • Applicants will be updated via email as their application is reviewed. Approval, return for correction, or denial will all result in emails.
  • Applications returned for correction can be amended and resubmitted.
  • Expiration dates for all business licenses will be the same. License fees will be prorated as needed.
  • Licensees must submit renewal applications at least 30 days before expiration to allow time for processing.
  • When an application is approved an email notification will be sent with instructions on how to get credentialed into METRC’s tracking system. Access to Metrc is not available until the business license is approved and the credentialing process is completed.


License Type Annual Fee
Canopy - Micro Tier $500
Canopy Tier 1 $1,000
Canopy Tier 2 $2,500
Canopy Tier 3 $5,000
Canopy Tier 4 $7,500
Canopy Tier 5 $10,000
Canopy Tier 6 $13,000
Canopy Tier 7 $15,000
Canopy Tier 8 $17,500
Canopy Tier 9 $20,000
Chemical Manufacturing Endorsement (MIPP) $100
MIPP Location (each) $500
Dispensary (One Registered Premise) $500
Dispensary (Two or Three Registered Premises) $5,000
Dispensary (Four or Five Registered Premises) $25,000
Dispensary (Six or More Registered Premises) $100,000
Employee (Agent) Badges $10.00
  • Payment must be made online by Credit/Debit Card, ACH, or mail in a check or money order. Mailed in payments will be processed upon receipt and may delay your application. No cash is allowed. Do NOT send cash.
  • Only one payment per application type will be accepted. Each application must have its own individual payment.
  • All fees are for the application processing and will not be refunded if the application is incomplete, denied or the license is revoked.

Reported Changes

  • Changes to employees or cardholders are managed through METRC.
  • Updates to license information is submitted through a License Update Application through Complia’s Industry Portal and must be reported timely to the department.
    • More specifically: A licensee must notify the department within 30 calendar days of any changes in the following:
      • Anyone identified as an applicant
      • Temporary closure of longer than 30 days
      • Permanent closure of the business

Forms and Resources