Medicaid and Health Management Services Branch

The Medicaid and Health Services Management Branch (MHSM) serves as the umbrella for programs that provide health coverage, mental health and chemical dependency services, and specialized developmental disability services. By combining Medicaid and other health care services under one branch, the Department of Health and Human Services is able to coordinate and optimize the efficient delivery of services. The MHSM Branch Manager oversees and coordinates programs and activities of MHSM and, as the State Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids (CHIP) Director, establishes policy for the Montana Medicaid and the Healthy Montana Kids program.   

The MHSM branch is comprised of four divisions and one program:   

The Divisions within the MHSM Branch strive to treat people at the least costly and/or least intrusive level. For long term services this means rehabilitation and/or care in the home and community is emphasized over institutionalization. For more acute needs, care by a community provider rather than in a hospital or residential setting is preferred. We do, however, recognize and support the importance of all aspects of a continuum of care. Our six state facilities and private partners such as hospitals and nursing facilities provide the avenue to treat the relatively small number of people who need the most intensive level of care.

The MSHM Divisions are currently engaged in the following strategic initiatives:

  • Increase the availability and access to of substance abuse recovery services statewide,
  • Promote care coordination to support the appropriate utilization of preventive and other necessary services,  
  • Improve health outcomes by emphasizing care at the right level and intensity,  
  • Increase and simplify the delivery of community-based services as an alternative to institutional care,
  • Improve access to services for underserved and vulnerable populations,  
  • Promote cost effectiveness in the delivery of health care services by maximizing the value of information technology investments