Plan First

Plan First is a Montana Medicaid Waiver that covers family planning services for eligible women. Some of the services covered include office visits, contraceptive supplies, laboratory services, and testing and treatment of STDs.

December 2017 Medicaid 1115 Plan First Family Planning Waiver Revised Extension/Renewal Submission  

May 2018 Medicaid 1115 Plan First Family Planning Waiver Revised Extension/Renewal Submission:  Repeat of Public Notice Period

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Montana Resident
  • Female 19 through 44
  • Able to bear children and not presently pregnant
  • Annual household income up to and including 211% Federal Poverty Level

Plan First Public Input Forum

Plan First 2018 Annual Report and Budget Neutrality

Plan First Current Special Terms and Conditions from CMS


2019 Plan First Income Guidelines

Family Size         Yearly Family Income

1                           $26,354
2                           $35,680
3                           $45,006
4                           $54,333
5                           $63,659
6                           $72,985
7                           $82,311

Acceptable Identity and Citizenship Documents


Documents and Resources

Plan First Provider and Covered Services Information
How to Apply:

The easiest way is to Apply Online.

For more information:
Plan First Brochure
1-855-854-1399 In-State Toll Free
1-406-444-6446 Out-of- State and Helena Area