Public Access Defibrillation

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of adults in Montana.  Eleven percent of White residents and 14% of American Indian residents reported a diagnosis of coronary artery disease. Cardiovascular disease mortality rates have declined for both the US and Montana over the past two decades and Montana continues to implement strategies to educate and prepare the public, emergency responders and dispatchers about cardiac event response.

A key strategy of Montana’s plan is the development of Public AccessAED programs.  Based upon American Heart Association guidelines for Public AccessAED, Montana requires entities to register their programs and to meet important guidelines related to education and training, medical oversight, AED maintenance and record keeping.

Public Access Defibrillation Program Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Public Access Defibrillation Program. Complying with the Montana statutes and administrative rules is a simple online process and we are always available to assist you with the registration process. Tracking PAD programs and AED utilization helps DPHHS improve the program and the health and safety of Montanans.

For returning users, the registration platform is changing to a new vendor. The links are not yet active. You will be notified when the new system is live. In the interim, keep a record of changes/updates with your maintenance log.

For assistance registering a NEW AED, please complete the registration information form and return to Janet Trethewey.

A requirement of registration is to notify the local ambulance service and the local dispatch center about your program. 

The requirement for a medical supervisor has changed.  The medical director for DPHHS will be the supervisor of the record for all devices.  Device usage reports will be reviewed by the medical director and/or designees within the DPHHS for feedback and QI purposes.

Regular maintenance is required as AED units do not always stay charged, batteries and AED pads expire. AED checks (generally no less than monthly) are an important element of your operations. Keep records of all maintenance performed.

Registration under OPHI-AED meets the requirement for submitting a ‘written plan’ as required under 37.104.604 ARM. An electronic incident report is required each time an AED is attached to a patient. In the event an AED is used (pads placed on a patient), you need to file a report with DPHHS.  Complete the form and return to

Benefits of Registration

Registration helps entities be successful by assuring the entity is integrated with dispatch and EMS response, people are trained to use the AED, the AEDs are maintained and in working order, and medical oversight is in place to assure patients receive the best care possible.

An important benefit for registered entities is that Montana law provides liability protections and immunity from civil liability to:

  • An individual who provides emergency care or treatment by using an AED
  • An individual providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation to an individual upon whom an AED is or may be used
  • The entity responsible for the AED program
  • An individual providing training to others on the use of an AED



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AED program contact info for questions and assistance:

Janet Trethewey
(406) 444-0442

EMSTS Office: (406) 444-3895