Montana Heart Rescue CPR Training

Gallatin Heart Rescue was formed after a miraculous cardiac arrest save in July of 2011. The patient was saved, in part, because bystander CPR had been initiated very quickly after sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The patient walked out of the hospital without any neurologic deficits (brain damage) within a week. Gallatin Heart Rescue is a product of two pre-hospital caregivers (EMTs), Kevin Lauer and Mike Pasque, who responded to that emergency. Mike and Kevin recognized the impact early bystander CPR had on the outcome of this call and wanted to increase the number of community members trained in compression-only CPR.

Over the next few years, Gallatin Heart Rescue grew and soon CPR trainings were being held all across Montana using the curriculum Mike and Kevin developed. Through the tireless work of Gallatin Heart Rescue, over 33,000 Montanans have received CPR training through the project. Gallatin Heart Rescue has received both local and national recognition for their dedication and drive to make this such a successful program.

In 2016, Gallatin Heart Rescue became part of the Montana Cardiac Ready Communities Program. Other than a name change to Montana Heart Rescue, the mission is still the same: “To increase the rate of survival from SCA within Montana by increasing the rates of bystander CPR through direct involvement in the community.” The Cardiac Ready Communities Program plans on continuing the work started in 2011 by incorporating CPR trainings in each county across Montana.

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Counter for number of people trained in Compression Only CPR since February 2012

Since Feb 14, 2012,
we have trained 57402 people in Compression Only CPR

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