Montana Cardiac Alliance

The vision for the Montana Cardiac Alliance is to bring all the stakeholders in cardiovascular disease across MT together to share their ideas, projects and upcoming activities with each other. This allows better communication across the various entities to avoid duplication of activities and gaps in service (hopefully). People have been invited who would be able to find out what’s happening in the state from the Alliance participants and then take that back to their respective groups to share. This includes CPR instructors, primary care physicians, nutritionists, pharmacists, the state EMT group, the MT Nurses Assn, MT Hospital Assn, cardiologists and representatives from critical access and PCI hospitals. Others to be included are therapists and rehab specialists, survivors, and the general public.

By meeting twice a year, having a web site that provides a hub for information and reaching out to others, the goal is to strengthen the continuum of care for those time-critical conditions of MI/STEMI, stroke and cardiac arrest. Survival rates for heart attack and stroke are comparable to the national average, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always equate to good outcome in terms of quality of life. There is a long way to go to improve survival rates for cardiac arrest.

For information about joining the Alliance, contact Janet Trethewey at 406.444.0442 or email of the Montana Cardiovascular System of Care