The MT EMSC SPROC-Child Ready MT aims to continue the development of systems of care to increase access, pediatric readiness, and strength-based approaches for all children through the:

  1. Expansion of the facility recognition programs to ensure the pediatric readiness of Montana’s hospitals while ensuring inclusion of children in tribal, territorial, rural and insular communities;
  2. Continued development of coordinated systems of care to reduce and prevent pediatric morbidity and mortality; increase timely access to pediatric specialists through established networks and pediatric specific educational opportunities;
  3. Improve the transfer process of pediatric patients to higher levels of care;
  4. Establish baseline data of healthcare facilities that will be included in the regionalized network.
  5. Improve the pediatric readiness score of Montana hospitals by increasing Pediatric recognized hospitals; and
  6. Improve clinical quality performance metrics for pediatric emergency services in service area/network hospitals.


Key activities will include: continuation of the EMSC/Child Ready MT Advisory Committee, which ensures stakeholders and populations of focus are engaged; Assessment of existing services and skills; Provision of education/training and identification of key providers; Pediatric Facility Recognitions continuation; Execution and sharing of developed model (processes, lessons learned, developed tools, etc.); Data and evaluation; Increase the collaborations with the stakeholders such as the Office of Rural Health, Indian Health Services, Maternal Child Health, March of Dimes, and others to expand services for children throughout the continuum of care.


Child Ready MT’s key collaborators will include the EMS for Children; St. Vincent Healthcare; Montana Office of Rural Health/Area Health Education Center; Billings Area Indian Health Services; MHA-An Association of Montana Healthcare Providers; March of Dimes-MT, Tribal Health Departments, and Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Efforts will be expanded to include all of Montana’s rural and frontier communities and tribes. Additional collaborators will be called upon.


Evaluation methodology will consist of a mixed approach of qualitative and quantitative data with process and performance measures reviewed annually by the Advisory Committee. Each objective has structured evaluation measures/outcomes for which data will consistently be collected.

Child Ready MT’s goal is to continue to implement a replicable regionalized system of healthcare for pediatrics in Montana. Through analysis of existing services, partnership among key collaborators, and adoption of cooperative comprehensive practices. Child Ready MT will present an accountable, culturally competent, and accessible system of care for pediatric patients, which will yield a replicable model, including: steps "how to", key tools, resources, and care.