EMS-C/Child Ready Advisory Committee

The purpose of the EMS-C Advisory Committee is help EMSTS to reduce the incidence of pediatric injury and illness in Montana and to promote and advance excellence in the care of injured children.

EMS-C / Pediatric Ready Advisory Council Members

Committee Member Affiliation
Alyssa Johnson, RN MT DPHHS Traum
a Systems Manager,  EMS & Trauma, DPHHS
Amber Pisk St. Vincent Health Care, Pe
Amelea Kim Lifelong Learning Librarian, Montana State Library.
Amy Trujillo EMS Provider,  FAN Rep, Co-Chair
Caitlyn Patera Children's Special Health Services
Carol Kussman, RN Trauma Coordinator, EMS and Trauma, DPHHS
Cindee McKee MHA - Montana Hospital Association
Clint Loss MEMSA - Montana Emergency Medical Services Association
Don McGiboney/Bryan Tavary Hospital Disaster Preparedness, DPHHS
Jack Trethewey  Fire Based EMS
Jason Mahoney Montana Pediatric Liaison Contractor
Jeremy Brokaw Injury Prevention Program Manager, EMS and Trauma, DPHHS 
Jim DeTienne EMS and Trauma Systems Section Supervisor, DPHHS
Joan Flick Montana State Library, EMT East Glacier
Joe Hansen EMSC Family Representative, IRREC 
John Wallace Child Ready Cultural Liaison
Jaunita Bueter, RN Montana School Nurse's Association
Kari Tutwiler State FICMR Coordinator, DPHHS
Kevin Langkiet Benefis Healthcare, ED Manager
Koren Bloom Safe Kids Coalition & Paramedic, Billings
Pamela Buckman Montana Department of Transportation Safety Planner 
Robin Suzor EMS for Children Program Manager, EMS and Trauma, DPHHS
Brie Oliver Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, Montana
Shari Graham NREMT-P EMS System Manager, DPHHS 
Janet Trethewey DPHHS Cardiac Ready Communities
Dana Geary Opioid Grant Health Educator
Hannah Yang DPHHS Epidemiologist
Jon Gildea D.O., FACEOP, FACEP
Dr. Cathy White MT AAP Disaster Chapter


2018 Upcoming EMS-C/Child Ready Advisory Committee Meetings:

June 1, 2018
10:00 am to 2:00 pm


December 14, 2018
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Cogswell Building
1400 E. Broadway Street
Helena, MT 59620
Rooms C-207-209