EMS Data Collection

We are pleased to announce that we have procured new software for EMS licensing and data collection. After 12+ years maintaining licensing records and facilitating patient care record data collection on the Health Information and Management System (HIRMS), we are moving on to new software. HIRMS is old software built on old technology and it was increasingly becoming more troublesome for us to maintain and for our users to reliably use.

Data is not cheap and we were very lucky to have the Helmsley Charitable Trust approve grant funds to issue a Request for Proposal for a new data system. A small group from the Emergency Care Council helped review proposals and we awarded a contract to ImageTrend for EMS service licensing (OPHI-eLicensing) and electronic patient care records (OPHI-ePCR) modules.

Online Prehospital Information System – Electronic EMS Service Licensing (OPHI-eLicensing)

We have migrated legacy licensing data from the HIRMS system into this module and we’re currently training service managers how to log into OPHI-eLicensing and to update information. We’ve started first with ground ambulance services, but will follow up with forms for air medical and non-transporting units. During this rollout, numerous WebEx sessions are being conducted and managers are highly encouraged to attend one of these sessions before attempting to get into this system. We’re also utilizing a group of master trainers to help services one-on-one to learn this system. Services must complete their information in this module and have their application approved before they can gain access to OPHI-ePCR as personnel and vehicles need to be synced for that to work correctly. Contact Francine Janik or Shari Graham for questions and assistance with OPHI-eLicensing.

Online Prehospital Information System – Electronic Patient Care Record (OPHI-ePCR)

This is ImageTrend’s Elite web-based module for completing a patient care records. It will take users a few reports to get used to the flow of how this system works, but they will soon love how easy and quick PCRs can be generated. Because it can be used on most any platform (PC, tablet, laptop, etc.), data entry can largely be completed with ‘point and clicks’. While this software is web-based, data entry can be done on a tablet/laptop while offline and the data migrated into the system when internet is available. Additionally, OPHI-ePCR comes with a package of reports all built in. As with OPHI-eLicense, frequent WebEx’s will be conducted to orient users to the numerous features of Elite. Contact Shari Graham or Francine Janik for questions and assistance with OPHI-ePCR.

Both of these modules have undergone quite a bit of testing, but there will continue to be updates as more users have an opportunity to get onto the system and find issues or offer great suggestions. Please contact EMSTS staff for any problems and questions.

If you use Montana's ImageTrend Elite EMS ePCR please leave a suggestion on how we can improve user experience.


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