Trauma Facility Designation Info

Trauma Facility Designation is a process conducted by the EMS and Trauma Systems Section of the Department of Public Health and Human Services. The authority is provided for by Montana statute (Title 50, chapter 6, part 4, MCA) and rules adopted on July 28, 2006 Trauma Facility Resource Criteria.

Trauma Facility Designation Levels:

Regional Trauma Centers (RTC) - Capable of providing advanced trauma care for a region.

Area Trauma Hospital (ATH) - Capable of handling most trauma patients within their service area.

Community Trauma Facility (CTF) - Able to provide limited emergency and surgical coverage.

Trauma Receiving Facility (TRF) - Able to provide limited emergency care with no surgical coverage.

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Designation Applications

  • Area Trauma Hospital / Regional Trauma Center Pre-review Questionnaire (Word)
  • Community Trauma Facility Pre-review Questionnaire (Word)
  • Trauma Receiving Facility Pre-review Questionnaire (Word)
  • Trauma Designation Overview (2.1 MB) (pdf)
  • Before You Submit Your Application (pdf)

Designation Review PI Tools

  • Regional Trauma Center Review PI Tool (pdf)
  • Area Trauma Hospital Review PI Tool (pdf)
  • Community Trauma Facility Review PI Tool (pdf)
  • Trauma Receiving Facility Review PI Tool (pdf)

Trauma Team Activation Billing

  • Developing a Trauma Activation Fee - PDF
  • 068X Trauma Response - PDF


  • Sample Questions for Trauma Site Survey Facility Tour