AFIX is a continuous quality improvement process designed specifically for immunizations.  The purpose is to assist clinics with improving their immunization coverage levels by highlighting clinics successes and opportunities for improvement.


A - Assessment

Data from imMTrax is utilized to provide an assessment of coverage level rates for your clinic. Every effort is made to insure the data is accurate at the time of assessment.

2016-2017 County Coverage Rates

F - Feedback

We provide the coverage level results to the clinic. We discuss best practices by reviewing the AFIX Questionnaire. Assist the clinic in identifying quality improvement activities the clinic may be working on to improve coverage levels.

2018 AFIX Feedback Presentation
2018 AFIX Questionnaire

I - Incentives

The Montana Immunization Program provides recognition to clinics for high coverage levels, improvement in coverage levels, and work towards implementing quality improvement activities outlined during the Feedback session.

2018 Award Recipients

X - Exchange

The Montana Immunization Program will re-run the assessment of coverage level rates three to six months after the Feedback session. This will provide the clinic with a short-term evaluation of any quality improvement work. We will provide a copy to the clinic and contact the clinic to discuss the results and the progress toward the quality improvement activities.