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fruits and vegetables on display at grocery storeIf you are interested in applying to be a Montana WIC Retailer, please call Retail Services at 1-800-433-4298.

Do you have a question for WIC staff?

Kevin Moore (406) 444-5530

eWIC inquiries, monitoring visits, training, food lists, general WIC questions


Glade Roos (406) 444-2841

Farm Direct & contract application/renewal


Kim Lloyd (406) 444-4746

Program integrity, website updates, retailer monitoring, general WIC questions

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eWIC Information for Retailers

MT WIC Approved Product List (APL) - May 22, 2019
*Note: There may be products that are Montana WIC-approved but not yet on this APL. See below to submit products to the APL. If you need this list in X9 format, please contact Solutran at (512) 291-6432.


*PLU are formatted according to WIC requirements. All retailer POS systems must send the PLU in this format for the item to process correctly.

Submit Products to the APL
To submit products that are not currently on the APL that may be WIC-eligible, please complete the UPC Submission Form (first save the form to your computer before filling it out). Alternately, Montana has the free mobile application "WIC Shopper" which can also be used to submit UPC to the State WIC Office.

Who to Call for eWIC Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for eWIC Retailers

eWIC Training Memo #1 (May 8, 2017)

eWIC Training Memo #2 (May 15, 2017)

eWIC Training Memo #3 (May 22, 2017)


Winter 2019 - Training Issue

Spring / Summer 2017 - eWIC Training Memos were distributed during this time instead of a newsletter - May 8 May 15, May 22

Fall 2016 / Winter 2017 - Training Issue







Montana WIC Program (State Administrative Office)

1400 Broadway, Cogswell Bldg C305

PO box 202951

Helena, MT 59620-2951

Telephone (800) 433-4298 or (406) 444-5533