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Living Life Well

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Stanford's Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)

Montana: Living Life Well is the name Montana has adopted for the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) developed at Stanford University. Montana: Living Life Well is an effective self-management education program for people with chronic health problems. Montana: Living Life Well workshops empower participants to take an active role in managing their health. Montana: Living Life Well workgroups meet once a week for six weeks; each session lasts 2 ½ hours. During the sessions, participants learn skills needed in the day-to-day management of long-term health conditions such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart and lung disease, to maintain and/or improve their ability to carry out activities of daily living. Family members and other support people of those with a long-term health conditions are also encouraged to attend.

Workshops are facilitated by two trained leaders, one or both of whom are non-health professionals with a chronic disease themselves or possess life experience resulting in empathy to the needs and abilities of people with long-term health conditions.

This program covers topic such as: techniques to deal with problems associated with chronic disease, appropriate exercise, appropriate use of medications, communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals, nutrition, and, how to evaluate new treatments. The workshop does not address specific illnesses; rather, it addresses the challenges common to many long term illnesses, such as pain, fatigue, physical limitations, and difficult emotions. Each week, participants will create an action plan to accomplish a realistic, attainable goal.

Participants who have completed a workshop demonstrated significant improvements in exercise, ability to do social and household activities, less depression, fear and frustration or worry about their health, reduction in symptoms like pain, and increased confidence in their ability to manage their condition.

Here are some resources with more information

For information regarding the funding opportunity associated with this program, please contact Heather Welch at (406) 444-0958 or hwelch@mt.gov.

Where can I find Montana: Living Life Well workshops in Montana?


Butte-Silver Bow Health Department
Theresa Dennehy, (406) 497-5085


Billings Clinic
Joni Jensen, (406) 255-8440
To sign up for a class at Billings Clinic, please click here

Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow (LIFTT)
Melissa Hollenbeck-WIlson, (406) 259-5181

Mission Ridge
Erin Adams, (406) 655-5250

Mission Ridge: Wyndstone (Heights)
Whitney Buechler, (406) 655-5736



Box Elder

Rocky Boy Clinic
Terrie Stump, (406) 395-4486 ext. 2088


Gallatin City-County Health Department
Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
(406) 582-3100

Area IV Agency on Aging
Elliott Van Allen, (406) 587-6950


Butte - Silver Bow Health Department
Theresa Dennehy, (406) 497-5085


Powder River County Health Department
(406) 436-2297


Blaine County Health Department
Kendra Seilstad, (406) 357-3200
Deb Anderson (406) 357-2345


Teton County Health Department
Glenn Deuchler, (406) 466-2562


Pondera County Health Department
Julie Baylor, (406) 271-3247


Glendive Medical Center
Penny Maher, (406) 345-3309

Great Falls

Cascade County Health Department
Darcey Johannsen, (406) 791-9279


Lewis and Clark Public Health
Melissa Baker, (406) 457-8923

Area IV Agency on Aging
Elliott Van Allen, (406) 587-6950


Flathead City-County Health Department
Jessica McDonald, (406) 751-8260


Fergus County MSU Extension
Denise Seilstad, (406) 535-3919

Central Montana Health District
Shandey Songer, (406) 535-7466



Miles City

Tracie Fox, (406) 874-8711


Partnership Health Center
Sasha Abrahamson, (406) 258-4162


Clark Fork Valley Hospital
Aria Mangan, (406) 826-4669


Daniels County Health Department
Lois Leibrand, (406) 783-7310
Teresa Danielson, (406) 487-5560


Toole County Health Department
Angela Lamb, (406) 424-5169


Richland County Health Department
(406) 433-2207

Thompson Falls

Clark Fork Valley Hospital
Aria Mangan, (406) 826-4669