HIV and Hepatitis C Infections  — Montana, 2010–2014

CDC has issued a health alert concerning an outbreak of HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) cases in a needle-sharing population in Indiana. This outbreak is a reminder of the risk of HIV among people who inject drugs in the United States. The factors driving this outbreak are not unique to rural Indiana; many communities in Montana report injection drug use (IDU) among young persons that could lead to similar occurrences. HIV and HCV case data for the last five years in Montana are presented below.

HIV infections


Hepatitis C (HCV) infections

From 2010–2014, 52 acute hepatitis C cases have been reported in Montana. Of the 52 cases, 28 were male and 29 reported injection drug use within 6 months of diagnosis. The table below displays the number of acute cases by county.

Reported acute hepatitis C virus cases — Montana, 2010–2014

County Cases
Lincoln 13
Yellowstone 10
Hill 4
Cascade 3
Glacier 3
Custer 3
Jefferson 2
Missoula 2
Powell 2
Ravalli 2
Sweet Grass 2
Big Horn 1
Beaverhead 1
Carbon 1
Richland 1
Rosebud 1
Valley 1
Total 52


For county-specific information, please contact your local public health jurisdiction.