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Fetal, Infant, Child & Maternal Mortality Review (FICMMR), and Prevention

FICMMR is a statewide effort to reduce preventable fetal, infant, child and maternal deaths.  While the program is statewide, it is powered locally by multi-disciplinary county teams.

Review team members are comprised of health and social service professionals, law enforcement, coroners, tribal representatives, and experts from other fields as indicated in the Fetal, Infant Child and Maternal Mortality Prevention (FICMMP) Act.  FICMMR is the implementation of this legislation.

The FICMMP pre-curser legislation was first authorized in state statute in 1997, it is now delineated in MCA 50-19-401 through 50-19-406. The FICMMP Act provides strict confidentiality requirements and death reviews are conducted in closed meetings.  See the ‘Fetal, Infant, Child and Maternal Mortality Prevention Act’ link on this website.

The prevention of fetal, infant, child and maternal deaths is both the policy of the state of Montana and a community responsibility. These deaths can be viewed as a sentinel event - which is a measure of a community's overall social and economic well-being and health.

FICMMR review teams share and discuss comprehensive information on the circumstances leading to a death, if it was preventable, and the response to the death. The process identifies critical community strengths and needs - in order to effectively address the unique social, health, and economic issues associated with negative health outcomes which may have caused or contributed to the preventable death.   

The goal of the FICMMR program is to reduce risk factors, and decrease the number of preventable deaths through educational outreach and evidence-based and best-practice prevention initiatives.

Confidentiality is Critical!

Confidentiality of all information is strictly maintained and is addressed in statute. A review team member who knowingly uses information obtained in the review process for a purpose not authorized, or who discloses information in violation of the FICMMP statute, upon conviction is guilty of a misdemeanor which is punishable as provided in the law.

The Fetal, Infant, Child & Maternal Mortality Prevention Act

The Fetal, Infant and Child Mortality Prevention Act was passed during the 1997 Legislative Session through the approval of House Bill 333. The first six provisions of HB 333 have been codified as §§ 50-19-401 to -406, MCA. HB 333 amended existing law to facilitate the Act.

The provisions of the FICMMP Act are as follows:

(1) allow teams to access health care information without the need for a signed consent;
(2) allow teams to access criminal justice information through the county attorney or a person designated by the county attorney;
(3) set out the permissible functions of mortality review teams;
(4) set out minimum requirements on membership and management of mortality review teams;
(5) provide penalties for the unlawful release of confidential information by members of mortality review teams; and
(6) mandate that the Montana Initiative for the Abatement of Mortality in Infants (MIAMI) be coordinated with mortality review teams

Additional References:

§ 41-3-205, MCA (Teams may receive child protection records.)
§ 44-5-303, MCA (Teams may receive criminal justice information.)
§ 50-16-525, MCA (Teams may receive health care information.)
§ 50-19-323, MCA (Coordination of programs with MIAMI.)
§ 50-15-122 (7), MCA (Disclosure of information from vital records or vital reports – rules.)

View the complete FICMMP Act #50-19-401-406.

Child Death Review System (CDR)

Through a data agreement with the National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention, Montana fetal, infant and child death data is entered into a secure, database system.  The FICMMR team leaders use the Child Death Review Case Reporting System, Version 4.1. 

Version 5.0 is anticipated in spring 2018 with a new name, the National Fatality Review-Case Reporting System (NFR-CRS). This more accurately reflects the age range of deaths covered: fetal, infant and child. Version 5.0 will offer new, tailored fetal and infant pathways unique to these types of deaths, and will remain the same for child death reporting.

To access the CDR Version 4.1, click on the link below:

CDR website for uploading case reviews

FICMMR teams review and record maternal death data using the Montana Maternal Mortality Case Review Report.

County FICMMR Deliverables Due Date Calendar

October 15, 2020

  • FICMMR County Operational Plan, or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from counties sharing a review team 

November 1, 2020

  • All 2019 Fetal, Infant, and Child Reviews must be completed and entered into the CDR database system
  • All 2019 Maternal Mortality Reviews (MMR) must be completed and submitted electronically on the MMR fillable PDF form, via the E-Pass Secure File Transfer System.

2020 FICMMR Conference Call, Training Dates (Required)

All FICMMR conference calls, and the Annual Training, will be held via GoToMeeting technology - with no travel required.

Note: All conference calls have been changed to 75 minutes.


  • June 2nd or June 3rd (same presentation, choose the best date for you) both days at 9:00 -10:15 am


  • February 26, 9 - 10:15 am
  • August 12, 9 - 10:15 am
  • December 9, 9 - 10:15 am

For More Information Contact:
Kari Tutwiler, State FICMMR Coordinator
Family and Community Health Bureau
PO Box 202951, Helena, MT 59620-2951
Phone: (406) 444-3394, Fax: (406) 444-2750
E-mail: ktutwiler@mt.gov