Million Hearts Team Up. Pressure Down. Diabetes Community Pharmacy Project

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Million Hearts Team Up. Pressure Down. Diabetes (TUPD DM) Community Pharmacy Project. The following provides key information and resources to implement this project.


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Welcome Letter

About Team Up. Pressure Down.

Overview of Tools, Implementation, and Evaluation

Key Messages for Pharmacists

Montana's Team Up. Pressure Down. Diabetes Community Pharmacy Project Fact Sheet 2017-2018


These materials were adapted by the Montana Diabetes Program staff so that pharmacists can support people with diabetes in improving medication adherence and more effectively manager their blood pressure and blood glucose.

Pharmacist Resources

In addition to displaying and/or distributing the patient resources discussed in the following section, when your hypertensive patients with diabetes are filling or refilling their medications, we encourage you to take the opportunity to engage them in a more in-depth and recurring dialogue. We understand that across health care settings there is less time for regular patient interaction, so our tools were created to help you facilitate these interactions. Materials for this purpose include:

Poster: You can install the poster on the interior of the pharmacy walls. It is designed to serve as a checklist and reminder to speak with your patients about hypertension, and includes cues to help you start a brief dialogue with your patients.

Discussion Tool Pocket Guide: You can print this tool and keep in your pocket (or access via your smartphone or tablet). It includes tips and conversation starters to help you maximize time spent with patients to engage them in a discussion about hypertension, diabetes, and medication adherence.

Blood Pressure and Diabetes Guide: This quick reference guide will help you utilize your expertise on taking blood pressure readings, and encourage patients to use the manual or electronic blood pressure monitor available in your pharmacy. It will help your colleagues educate your patients about regular monitoring and will improve their understanding about controlling their blood pressure. This guide will also help you make recommendations to the patient on how to get and keep their blood pressure down.

DRAW© Tool Worksheet: A Team Up. Pressure Down. and University of Iowa co-branded tool that helps you start and manage a conversation about medication adherence and its barriers. This tool can be printed and kept behind the counter for your ongoing use, or accessed via smartphone or tablet.

Video Vignettes: These web-based, animated videos will help patients better understand their hypertension and its treatment. If you have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer, consider using these vignettes as a teaching aid when discussing high blood pressure with your patients. If you cannot access the appropriate technology to use the vignettes in-store, you can refer patients to where they can access and view the vignettes on their own.

Continuing Education Program: Slides were created as a part part of an education program designed to help build communications skills and help you start and manage dialogue with patients around hypertension management and medication adherence. Additionally, the CDC hosted a Public Health Grand Rounds on how pharmacists can improve our nation's health.

Patient Tracking Tool: This Excel spreadsheet is designed to assist pharmacists in documenting and analyzing data for project evaluation.

To view these materials, please contact our Program Manager.

Patient Resources

There are several resources that you can offer to hypertensive patients with diabetes who visit your pharmacy, designed to empower them to better manage their blood pressure and blood glucose. Resources include:

Promotional Postcard: This postcard serves as an overview of hypertension, the Team Up. Pressure Down. program, and instructions for where to go online for more information.

My Blood Pressure and Medications Journal: This tool is designed to help patients understand important hypertension information and their risk of a heart attack or stroke. It provides space for them to track regular blood pressure readings, and file important information about their pharmacy and prescriptions. It also includes a separate ‘tear-away’ section to help enlist the support of family members or loved ones in the patient’s management of their high blood pressure and diabetes.

Medication Tracker Wallet Card: A Million Hearts™ and National Consumers League’s (NCL) Script Your Future co-branded tool that patients can use to list their medications, what the medications treat, the refill dates, the dosages, and how often to take the medications.

Magnet: Since forgetting to take medications is one of the most common reasons patients do not take them as prescribed, this magnet was designed to serve as a friendly reminder that patients will see each time they open the refrigerator.

Medication Reminder Sheet: As an alternative to the magnet, you may choose to offer your patients a sheet from this tear pad to hang on the refrigerator or place by the telephone— a friendly reminder they will see frequently throughout the day.

Questions and comments about the Pharmacist Resources can be sent to our Program Manager.