The Quality Diabetes Education Initiative (QDEI)

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What is QDEI?

It is a program offering resources to people wanting to improve and maintain their skills regarding diabetes education. It is concerned with both individual educators and the programs in which diabetes education is taught.

  • QDEI can provide resources to assist outpatient settings in developing basic diabetes education programs.
  • QDEI helps increase the skills of individual educators through a self-study and mentoring process tailored to the needs of the educator, clients and setting.

Quality Diabetes Education Initiative Fact Sheet

Diabetes Care and Self Management in Montana Infographic.



All Montanans with diabetes have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully self-manage their condition.


Provide a self-study and peer-mentoring program to health care professionals interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in diabetes self-management education and those studying to become certified diabetes educators (CDEs).

Provide technical assistance and support to outpatient facilities developing new diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) programs and to those pursuing recognition/accreditation.



Options available to proceed through the self-study process:

  1. Easy to understand overview of diabetes or easy to understand book focusing on type 1 diabetes
    1. American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes
    2. Understanding Insulin Dependent Diabetes (Pink Panther Book)
  2. Targeted to dietitians
    1. American Diabetes Association Guide to Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes
  3. A more intensive study of diabetes
    1. A Core Curriculum for Diabetes Education (AADE)
  4. Preparing for the CDE exam
    1. A Core Curriculum for Diabetes Education (AADE)

Peer Mentoring

Steps in the peer mentoring program:

  1. If you are interested in providing quality education to persons with diabetes, contact the QDEI Coordinator:

Marci Butcher, RD, CDE
Montana Diabetes Program
PO Box 6726
Helena, MT 59604
Quality Diabetes Education Initiative
(406) 350-2658
Fax: (406) 444-7465

  1. You will be matched with a mentor. It may be the QDEI Coordinator or another CDE, depending on the option chosen and the area in which you live.
  2. Obtain the book that accompanies the option you've chosen. There are books available for loan from our lending library.
  3. Contact your mentor and make plans on how to proceed.
  4. You and your mentor will need to sign a letter of agreement and return it to the QDEI Coordinator.
  5. Work through the chapters of your book, answer the post-test questions, and discuss the chapter content and any questions with your mentor. (The post-test answers will be sent to the QDEI Coordinator.)
  6. Upon completion of your option, a certificate of achievement will be awarded.

Assisting DSMES Programs in Recognition/Accreditation

Contact our QDEI Coordinator for technical assistance in becoming a recognized/accredited DSMES program.

Montana Quick Stats

The Montana Quick Stats provides quick access to statistics with short description on topics related to diabetes.

Additional Resources

Questions and comments about the Montana QDEI can be sent to our QDEI Coordinator.