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AED Registration Information

Public Access Defibrillation Program Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Public Access Defibrillation Program. Complying with the Montana statutes and administrative rules is a simple online process and we are always available to assist you with the registration process. Tracking PAD programs and AED utilization helps DPHHS improve the program and the health and safety of Montanans.

Public Access AED Registration

Start the registration process by obtaining a user name and password from the EMS & Trauma Systems Section. Be prepared to provide information about the name and address of your entity as well as name and contact info for your program manager.

Call 444-0442 to speak with Janet Trethewey.  Main Office number is 406-444-3895

Please note:  At this time, we are in the process of upgrading our software.  For assistance with registering your AED, please email Janet Trethewey at  jtrethewey@mt.gov.

  • Information about your organization and program manager if different than provided when the account was set up
  • Your AED(s) – make, model, etc.
  • Names of personnel in your organization trained in CPR and AED (While we recognize that most entities make AEDs publicly available, there should be at least a core of personnel in your organization trained in CPR and AED.)
  • Your medical supervisor - This person is a Montana licensed physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or registered nurse that provides medical advice to your program. This provider is your medical supervisor for questions you may have about training, integration with 9-1-1 dispatch and EMS services, and for review of any instances in which the AED is used.
  • Acknowledgement that the local ambulance service and the local dispatch center have been contacted about your program.  If form is needed, please contact Janet Trethewey for the proper form.

Remember: Registration under OPHI-AED meets the requirement for a ‘written plan’ as required under 37.104.604 ARM. No other ‘written’ plan is required. This will be clarified in a future rule revision.

Regular maintenance is required as batteries and AED pads expire and AED units do not always stayed charged. AED checks (generally no less than monthly) are an important element of your operations.  Keep records of all maintenance performed.

Lastly, an electronic incident report is required each time an AED is attached to a patient.

For any questions or assistance on registering, please feel free to contact:
Janet Trethewey at Jtrethewey@mt.gov or call 406-444-0442.

Main Office  (406) 444-3895