Lucas device automatic CPR machine



An issue with Batteries has been identified. Please see the below information from the manufacturer.

  • Batteries are shipped with a quite low charge level, 20-30% (recent IATA rules - international shipping requirement).  Therefore, the user needs to charge the battery after unpacking.
  • Theoretically you can store a fully charged battery about one year before it switches off.  However, temperature and battery condition may influence this.
  • The user should according to the manufacturer, check the battery charge level after each use or once per week.  You want to always have fully charged batteries.
  • If the battery is left unused for a long time it may internally switch off.  It is not possible to charge a internally switched off battery in the LUCAS without the following steps:
    • Put a charged battery in the LUCAS device
    • Connect the Power Supply
    • Replace the charged battery with a depleted battery
    • The depleted battery will be charged

Please contact Phil Howard @ 888.627.9698 ext 78235 or if you have further questions.