Emergency Care Council


The Emergency Care Council is a multidisciplinary, advisory group of stakeholders brought together to help the EMS and Trauma Systems Section undertake a number of activities to improve Montana’s emergency care system and achieve its mission to reduce death and disability by providing leadership and coordination to the emergency care community in assessing, planning, developing and promoting comprehensive, evidence-based emergency medical and trauma services.

Primary Role of the Council

The primary role of the council is to help the Department develop a strategic plan which outlines and prioritizes activities which will make measurable improvements in Montana’s emergency care system over the next years. Key issues include:

  • Development of a comprehensive information management system;
  • Development of a data-driven system evaluation and quality improvement program;
  • Review system data and make recommendations for system improvement based on data;
  • Develop processes for workforce assessment as well as strategies to improve recruitment, retention and education of providers in sufficient numbers throughout the state and in all areas of the system;
  • Assist with development of emergency care standards, benchmarks and guidelines;
  • Strategies which enable the Department to meet national standards for emergency care system development.