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February 2012 Update

A CDC National Expert Panel issued 2012 revisions to the Guidelines for Field Triage of Injured Patients. As such, the multidisciplinary work group for Montana Field Trauma Decision/Trauma Team Activation Criteria met to review the national revisions. After evaluation of the national revisions, the work group agreed to revise Montana criteria as noted in the Montana Decision Scheme.

Rationale for the National Expert Panel revisions is available in the CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for January 13, 2012 on the CDC website;

Changes to the Montana Criteria are posted in PURPLE font for review and reflect National Expert Panel revisions. In particular,

  • Montana/National criteria under “Special Systems or Patient Considerations; Co-Morbidities” was deleted: “Dialysis Patient” was deleted to reflect the lack of research establishing higher risk for severe injury based on dialysis status alone. Increased risk due to “anticoagulation” status is already in the Criteria.

Again, our thanks to the multidisciplinary work group for their continued commitment to developing Montana’s systems for provision of optimal care to our patients!


A multidisciplinary work group has worked with the Emergency Care Council, State Trauma Care Commiteee and the Regional Trauma Advisory Committees to evaluate the 2006 CDC Field Trauma Triage Decision Scheme and develop criteria that would work for Montana’s rural system.

This group has developed a Montana version of the CDC scheme that's altered slightly to fit Montana's needs. Information on the rationale for Montana changes and the Montana Decision Scheme guidelines are below. These should be shared among EMS, hospitals and other interested responders in your community and they should be adopted or clarified further to fit your needs.

EMS and Trauma Systems will be rolling these out futher in 2012 with webinar sessions which will include better depth about how these can be used in your community and a question/answer opportunity.

For any issues or concerns with the criteria, please contact Alyssa Sexton at

Our thanks  to these people in the multidisciplinary work group for their great work in developing these criteria;

  1. Andy Michel, MD- Helena
  2. Lauri Jackson, FNP- Great Falls
  3. Chris Mehl, EMT-B, Plentywood
  4. Lisa Fawcett, RN, Plentywood
  5. Megan Hamilton, RN, EMT-P, Missoula
  6. Neil Heino, RN, Kalispell
  7. Sam Miller, RN, Bozeman
  8. Lynn Hilliard, RN, Billings
  9. Brad Vonbergen, RN, Billings
  10. Francine Giono, EMT-B, Whitehall
  11. Bonnie Harmon, EMT-B, Turner
  12. Kevin Fitzgerald, EMT-P, EMSTS, Helena
  13. Joe Hansen, EMT-B, EMSTS, Big Timber