EMSTS Learning Management System

LearningZen is a free web-based learning management system that allows companies, organizations and individuals to publish training courses to the general public. The free version at http://learningzen.com is easy to use and open to everyone.

The EMSTS section has secured a private portal at http://mtemergencycare.learningzen.com for the distribution of programs for Montana healthcare providers, service managers, trauma coordinators and others. This electronic learning management system is free, but requires an initial registration and approval the first time you enter the system. Future plans include production of programs for the OPHI data systems, EMS Service Manager education, Trauma Coordinator education, pan flu and others. We would also be happy to include programs you already have on hand that you feel would be of use to others.

As our first, introductory program to the system, “Color Coding Kids with the Broselow Tape” is now available for basic-level EMS providers. This program teaches the history and use of the Broselow Tape. Montana EMS Services – Get Your Free Broselow Tape. Montana services that document that over half of their EMTs have completed this program can receive a Broselow Tape for each of their ambulances.