State Trauma Care Committee

Meetings and Minutes

The purpose of the State Trauma Care Committee is to reduce the incidence of trauma injuries in Montana and to promote and advance excellence in the care of the injured patient. For a complete list of the Trauma Care Committee Board and their representations, visit and scroll down to Trauma Care Committee.

Members of the committee include:

  • A member of the Montana committee on trauma of the American College of Surgeons;
  • Two members from each regional trauma care advisory committee;
  • A member of the Montana trauma coordinators;
  • A member of the Montana Medical Association;
  • A member of the Emergency Nurses Association;
  • A member who is or is employed by a Montana private ambulance operator;
  • A member of the Montana Emergency Medical Services Association;
  • A nurse or physician representing the Indian Health Service; and
  • A member of the Montana chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

For more information, contact Alyssa Johnson, EMS and Trauma Systems, (406) 444-0752.

Listed below are the most recent appointments.

Board Member


Chad Engan, MD

Central Region Trauma Advisory Committee

Zach Sturges, MD

American College Emergency Physicians Representative

Christoper Benton, RN

Eastern Regional Trauma Advisory Committee

Sara Running Crane, RN

Indian Health Service (IHS) Representative

J. Bradley Pickhardt, MD, FACS

Western Regional Trauma Advisory Committee,
STCC Chair

Rick Haraldson

Montana Hospital Association (MHA) Representative

Frank Raiser, MD

Western Region Trauma Advisory Committee

Lauri Jackson, APRN

Central Region Trauma Advisory Committee

Joy Fortin, RN

Montana Trauma Coordinators Representative

Fred Bartoletti, MD

Montana Medical Association Representative

Sam Miller, RN

Montana Emergency Nurses Association Representative

Justin Grohs, Paramedic

Private Ambulance Operators

Barry McKenzie, MD FACS

Montana Committee on Trauma Representative

Bradley Von Bergen, RN

Eastern Region Trauma Advisory Committee

Kevin Box, Paramedic

Montana Emergency Medical Services Association (MEMSA) Representative

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2018 Meetings

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