You can participate in two ways:

1. Request a formal site assessment and receive a participation certificate

Current and future childcare providers can request DPHHS to conduct a site assessment based on available public records. A certificate will be issued for participation. Before you fill out a request form, please review the list of the questions you need to answer. Once you have all the information available, please proceed and submit your request at MT Choose Safe Places Site Assessment Request. Learn more about DPHHS site assessment at publichealth/Epidemiology/mehea/CSPECE/programgoals.

2. Conduct a self-evaluation of the property using the checklist provided by DPHHS

Current and future childcare providers can assess their properties using this self-evaluation checklist. The checklist is a useful tool for those who choose to not request a formal assessment through DPHHS. 

The checklist can be accessed at MT Choose Safe Places Self-evaluation Checklist. First, you will be prompted to answer 3 short questions. After that, a PDF copy of the checklist will be available for you to download. This self-evaluation tool allows you to conduct a preliminary site screening on your own. If you are interested in requesting DPHHS's expertise to accurately assess the potential environmental hazards you may have identified in your checklist, have concerns about your screening results, or have questions about the self-evaluation form, please contact us at