Safe Drinking Water

Drinking water - Where does your water come from?

Private Well

If your facility is on a private well, we recommend that you ensure you are providing clean water by having your well water tested for contaminants (including those that are naturally occurring, e.g., arsenic, manganese, etc.) at various times throughout the year. If your water supply system has at least 15 service connections or regularly serves at least 25 persons daily for any 60 or more days in a calendar year you meet the appropriate rules that require your water to have Public Water Supply certification. There are also other considerations (please review Public Water Supply bullet below).

Public Water Supply

If you are on a public water supply, your water supplier is obligated to follow regulations for clean water. However, there are other considerations that may result in harmful exposures. For example, if buildings/infrastructure are decades old, there is a greater chance that faucets, fixtures, and service lines may leech lead, copper, or other contaminants into your drinking water. We recommend that you also test your drinking water for contaminants, particularly lead, especially if your building is older.

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