Partner & Community Technical Assistance:

MEHEA provides technical assistance to partners, communities, and citizens to reduce hazardous chemical exposures. Some examples of past technical assistance provided include:

  • Citizens needing help interpreting their personal or environmental lab results for lead, arsenic, cadmium
  • Citizens with possible exposures to arsenic, meth lab wastes, and septic wastes
  • Owners/operators of wells exceeding arsenic, nitrates, lead, and trihalomethanes standards
  • Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM)-drafters requesting information on testing for lead in school drinking water
  • State Officials with concerns about asbestos exposures in a state-owned building
  • The Army National Guard for potential PFAS exposures in private well water
  • Local Health Department Nurses for lead poisoning prevention information

The MEHEA program also conducts cancer analyses for perceived clusters. Past cancer cluster investigations include:

  • Concern about childhood cancer
  • Concern about tetrachloroethylene (PCE) site plume
  • Concern about cancer rates in young people