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HAN Messages

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Montana's Health Alert Network (HAN) promotes the sustainable development of modern Internet-based data communications capacities in a manner that will support the emerging Public Health Information Network (PHIN) architecture. These capacities include Internet and e-mail access for Local County Health Departments and Tribal Health Agencies. Building an Internet-based tele-communications infrastructure to advance the rapid dissemination of information between the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) and Local County Health Departments, Indian Health Services and Tribal Health Agencies. Thus improving disease surveillance, and supporting Public Health Worker training in association with Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) and the public health workforce development efforts associated with the Public Health Improvement Task Force.

The Department of Public Health and Human Service’s (DPHHS) Emergency Notification System sent out the following Health Alert Network messages to Local County Health Departments, Tribal Health Agencies and to their respective health partners in Montana.  The HAN messages contain vital public health information that either originated at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), DPHHS or at the local level.  DPHHS routinely forwards this information on to all of the local health jurisdictions in Montana when it is determined that the information could potentially affect residents in Montana.

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2018-10: Outbreak of Life-threatening Coagulopathy Associated with Synthetic Cannabinoids Use
Posted 12/10/2018

2018 HAN Messages

2017 HAN Messages

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2017-14: Seasonal Influenza A (H3N2) Activity and Antiviral Treatment of Patients with Influenza
Posted 12/28/2017

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2017-13: Montana Case of Congenital Syphilis Reported
Posted 11/8/2017

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2017-12: Advice for Health Care Providers Treating Patients in or Recently Returned from Hurricane-Affected Areas, Including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
Posted 10/25/2017 

DPHHS HAN INFO SERVICE 2017-11: Rifampin-Penicillin-Resistant Strain of RB51 Brucella Contracted from Consumption of Raw Milk
Posted 9/14/2017

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2017-10: Continued Syphilis Transmission in Montana
Posted 8/31/2017

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2017-9: Wildfire Smoke
Posted 8/30/2017

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2017-8: Increase in Reported Cases of Cyclospora Cayetanensis Infection, United States, Summer 2017
Posted 8/8/2017

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2017-7: Patients Receiving Eculizumab (Soliris®) at High Risk for Invasive Meningococcal Disease Despite Vaccination
Posted 7/10/2017

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2017-6: Potential For Falsely Low Blood Lead Test Results
Posted 5/19/2017

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2017-5: Zika Virus Implications for Interpreting Serologic Testing Results for Pregnant Women
Posted 5/8/2017

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2017-4: Continued Syphilis Transmission in Montana
Posted 5/1/2017

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2017-3: Ciprofloxacin and Azithromycin-Nonsusceptible Shigellosis in the United States and Montana
Posted 4/20/2017

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2017-2: Recommendations to Address Syphilis in Montana
Posted 2/23/2017

DPHHS HAN INFO SERVICE 2017-1:  Investigation of Seoul Virus Outbreak Associated with Home-base - Rat-breeding Facilities in Wisconsin and Illinois
Posted 1/25/2017

2016 HAN Messages

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2016-17: CDC HAN Expanded Risk Areas Zika Brownsville Texas
Posted 12/16/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-16: Increased Reports of Norovirus Outbreaks
Posted 11/28/2016

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2016-15: Expanded Risk Areas Zika in  Florida
Posted 10/20/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016 - 14: CDC Advises Hospitals to Alert Patients at Risk from Contaminated Heater-Cooler Devices Used During Cardiac Surgery
Posted 10/14/2016

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2016-13: CDC Updates Guidance for Travel and Testing of Pregnant Women and Women of Reproductive Age for Zika Virus Infection related to the Ongoing Investigation of Local Mosquito-borne Zika Virus Transmission in Miami-Dade County, Florida
Posted 9/21/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-12: Influx of Fentanyl-laced Counterfeit Pills and Toxic Fentanyl-related Compounds-related Overdose and Fatalities
Posted 8/26/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-11: CDC Expands Guidance for Travel and Testing of  Zika Virus Transmission in Miami-Dade, Florida
Posted 8/22/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-10: CDC Guidance for Travel & Testing of Pregnant Women for Zika Virus
Posted 8/1/2016

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2016-9: CDC Recommendations for Subsequent Zika IgM Antibody Testing
Posted 6/22/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-8: Using PCR to Diagnose Haemophilus influenzae and Neisseria meningitidis and Identify Serotype or Serogroup
Posted 6/20/2016 

DPHHS HAN INFO SERVICE 2016-7: Alert to U.S. Healthcare Facilities: First mcr-1 Gene in E. coli Bacteria found in a Human in the United States
Posted 6/13/2016

DHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-6: Zika Update and Testing Guidance
Posted 5/27/2016

DPHHS HAN TEST 2016-5: DPHHS HAN TEST with Local County and Tribal Health Agencies in Montana
Posted 5/12/2016

DPHHS HAN UPDATE 2016-4: Interim Guidelines for Prevention of Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus – United States 2016
Posted 2/24/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-3: Flu Season Begins with Severe Influenza Illness Reported
Posted 2/2/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-2: Dialysis Providers Need to Assess and Improve Infection Control Practices
Posted 1/27/2016

DPHHS HAN ADVISORY 2016-1: Recognizing, Managing, and Reporting Zika Virus Infections in Travelers
Posted 1/19/2016

Archived HAN Messages

HAN Messages that are over two years old are held in an archive at the State of Montana PHEP office.  The list below contains basic information on HAN messages that have been archived.  If you need a copy of a HAN that has been archived please contact the HAN Coordinator below or call Montana PHEP @ (406) 444-0919.

Archived HAN Messages

Gerry Wheat
DPHHS HAN Coordinator
Phone: (406) 444-6736
E-mail:  gwheat@mt.gov