First Years Initiative (FYI)

Montana launched a home visiting collaboration effort in January 2018 between the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) Child and Family Services Division (CFSD) and Healthy Montana Families (HMF) Home Visiting Program.


  1. To reduce child abuse, neglect, and child deaths in Montana through in-home, intensive prevention/intervention services, education, and support.
  2. To provide a more comprehensive approach to child safety and family preservation and reunification for families known to CFSD.
  3. To focus on the early critical period in the lives of children and their parents, during pregnancy and the weeks and months after birth, and extending through the first years of a child's life until enrollment into kindergarten. 

"Through this initiative, we will take tangible steps by focusing on early intervention and education with the goal of preventing tragedy before it strikes."  -Sheila Hogan, Director, DPHHS


About FYI:

  • FYI is a voluntary option that helps address the parenting component of the CFSD treatment plan
  • Parents are not penalized if they choose not to participate and use other services to address this component of the treatment plan
  • Home visitor is exclusively dedicated to CFSD cases/referrals. This includes children in foster care and those in transition for reunification
  • Housed within current HMF Home Visiting Program sites throughout Montana. (refer to map below)
  • CFSD worker collaborates closely with local home visitor counterpart to provide increased services and support for high-risk families referred by CFSD

FYI Sites: