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Appointment Reminders

WIC Appointment Reminders

Montana WIC has partnered with One Call Now (OCN), a leading group-messaging company to provide appointment reminders. Every WIC participant receives an automated phone call two days before their appointment or one day after a missed appointment. This is already set up and requires no action on your part. View Message Scripts.

How do participants opt-out of all calls from WIC?

To opt-out of all communications participants must answer a reminder call and follow the prompts to remove their phone number. If they miss the call and receive a voice message, they must call One Call Now customer service at (877) 698-3262 and request their number be removed.

Can participants receive text messages instead of phone calls?

Yes! They must simply text the word ALERT to the number 22300 and they will be opted in to text reminders.

Print mailing labels with this information to stick in participant's packets (Avery 5162).

Print business cards with this information to distribute to participants (Avery 8371).

Print a flyer with opt-in / opt-out information

Important Note* These appointment reminders can only work if the appointment is scheduled in M-SPIRIT. Some clinics schedule appointments in M-SPIRIT that they do not want a notification to be sent for. Clinics may still use M-SPIRIT to schedule appointments that they do not want the participant notified about.

Sometimes a participant may come to an appointment but not get benefits issued (such as if they are over-income). To avoid that participant receiving a "missed appointment" notification you must manually mark the "Appointment Kept" box in M-SPIRIT.

WIC clinics also have the ability to log into the One Call Now website and create messages for special circumstances, such as an unexpected clinic closure or a change in clinic location. One Call Now has provided a 1-hour presentation with instructions on these procedures. Once you have viewed the full training below, use this quick reference guide to skip directly to certain topics. (If the training is too blurry, view it directly in WebEx).


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