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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Are you concerned about teen pregnancy in your community? Want to take action? Learn more about the issue, contributing factors, and how to take action with the resources here.

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Simple Strategies for Action

  • Build a coalition for change - The Community Tool Box includes step-by-step guidance on improving community health and wellbeing.
  • Host a workshop - Many family planning clinics, county health departments, and public health nurses provide free or low-cost workshops to organizations, schools, and parents on issues relating to reproductive health.

Tips for Families

  • Talking with Teens - Research confirms what young people already know—what their parents have to say matters to teens. That's why parents play a powerful role in helping adolescents make healthy decisions about sex, sexuality, and relationships.
  • CDC's Parent Portal - Information from across all of CDC for parents, covering everything from safety at home and in the community to immunization schedules and developmental milestones for ages 0–19 years.
  • Advocates for Youth - A resource for parents with Frequently Asked Questions, information on the importance of parents as sex educators, and tips on talking with teens.

Resources for Educators

Guidance for Health Providers

Research and Resources