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Long Term Care Facility

A “long-term care facility” is “a facility or part of a facility that provides skilled nursing care, intermediate nursing care, or intermediate developmental disability care to a total of two or more individuals or that provides personal care” (50-5-101(35)(a), Montana Code Annotated [MCA]).

For purposes of Certificate of Need (CON), the term "long-term care facility" does not include residential care facilities, which include an “adult day-care center, an adult foster care home, an assisted living facility, or a retirement home” (50-5-101(50), MCA).

The term also does not include community homes for persons with developmental disabilities; “community homes for persons with severe disabilities; youth care facilities; hotels, motels, boardinghouses, rooming houses, or similar accommodations providing for transients, students, or individuals who do not require institutional health care; or juvenile and adult correctional facilities” (50-5-101(35)(b), MCA).

The State Health Care Facilities Plan (SHCFP) contains two components pertaining to long-term care facilities, the “nursing home services” component and the “intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation or developmental disabilities” component.