Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Planning for Care of Students with ADHD

  • Identify students diagnosed with ADHD
  • Obtain medical authorization to administer medications for students receiving medications at school.
  • Establish medication plan for those students receiving medications at school.
  • If student is receiving medications from school nurse they may need an IHP.
  • Consider nonpharmacological interventions as needed in the classroom.
  • Consider evaluation for 504 or IEP.
  • Evaluate for any side effects of medication, educate staff as needed.
  • Consider referrals for students not diagnosed (refer to school psychologist)


Students with diagnoses learning disabilities (LDs) are eligible for an IEP under IDEA; however, many students with ADHD are not.  ADHD students are covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, thus making them eligible for an Accommodations Plan.  The student suffering from severe ADHD may be eligible under IDEA under “other health impaired.”.  The nurse can collaborate with other team members, including but not limited to, the school principal, counselor, and teacher to establish the students eligibility and best suited plan.  The school nurse should consider developing and IHP for these students. 

Reference: School Nursing, A Comprehensive Text. 2nd edition. Selekman. (20013)