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Governor's Advisory Council on Aging

Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging

The Council on Aging was a mandate of the federal Older Americans Act as it was reauthorized in 1995.  The eleven members, a majority of whom must be age 60 or older, are appointed by the governor to serve three-year terms. The council advises the governor and the department on aging and long-term care issues.

Members: Connie Bremner, Ryan Clark,  Laurie Glover (Secretary), Brad Howell, John Melton, Bob Myers, Gerald Pease, Marianne Roose, Joan Taylor(chairman), Peggy Tombre (Vice Chair), and Alex Ward.

Advisory Council Agendas

Boards Operating Rules

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging serves as the official advisory body to the Governor and the State Aging Coordinator in fulfilling the goals and objectives of the Montana State Legislature and the Older Americans Act of 1965 as amended. Eleven Montana citizens are appointed by Governor Steve Bullock to be on his Advisory Council on Aging. The Governor appoints one of the Council members to serve as the chair of this council. The Council’s job is to be advocates for aging issues.

The Council has concentrated their efforts over the past several years on getting information out to the elderly, their families and caregivers on issues and programs that could help them plan for their long term care needs. One way of doing this was through the Governor’s Conference on Aging, which is held in September each year. The conferences are held annually in different locations of the state. More information on the conference is available at our Governor's Conferences on Aging web page. The Council encourages seniors from all over our state to participate in the conferences.

Celebrating Centenarians

In order to bring some attention to the fact that Montana is aging and was expected to rank 5th in the United States by 2015 in the percentage of people 65 and older, the Council established a Centenarian Recognition and luncheon to honor those 100 years of age and older. If you are over 100 years old or older or know someone who is, let us know by emailing Jackie Stoeckel or visit our Montana Centenarian's Program webpage.

Mini Grants

Does your organization need help with a project? The Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging raises funds in order to give mini-awards to groups who need help with an activity or project which benefits senior citizens. Starting in January of each year, programs can apply by going to our Mini-Grant webpage or contact the Office on Aging.

For more information contact:
Jackie Stoeckel
Senior and Long Term Care Division
(406) 444-6061