Administering and Distributing Naloxone



Order Naloxone Online

If your organization/agency would like staff formally trained on the administration of naloxone, Best Practice Medicine is coordinating statewide efforts through their Master Trainer and General User courses.  A Master Trainer is a professional within your organization/agency who is designated to train other staff on the administration of naloxone. Other staff will then have access to a hybrid module and hands-on session with their designated Master Trainer and will receive a certification as a General User. 

Examples of organizations/agencies with designated staff trained as a Master Trainer:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Behavioral Health Providers
  • Schools
  • Other


Organizations may acquire naloxone through the DPHHS Order Authorization Form and distribute to eligible recipients. 

Eligible recipients include:

  • An individual at risk of an opioid-related overdose
  • Family, friends, or other person in proximity to a person at risk of opioid-related overdose
  • Others as listed on Montana's standing order

DPHHS encourages public health departments, the criminal justice system, behavioral health providers, harm reduction organizations, programs that serve veterans, and Montana Tribes to utilize this ordering process to have naloxone on hand for staff and to get naloxone into the hands of the end user.

  • Orders of Intranasal Naloxone HCL (Narcan) may not exceed 50 units
  • DPHHS and its contractors will use the information from the form to track naloxone distribution and to conduct other public health and epidemiological surveillance activities. 

This online ordering process is not for individuals, DPHHS maintains a list of organizations that have naloxone available through their programs for free.