Montana Lifespan Respite Coalition

WomanStrollingElderlyLadyThe Montana Lifespan Respite Coalition defines respite as "planned or emergency care provided to an individual with need for support and supervision in order to provide temporary relief to the primary caregiver of that individual."

According to the AARP Valuing the Invaluable: 2019 Update, Montana has approximately 114,000 caregivers, providing 96 million hours of unpaid care. If the work of these caregivers were to be paid at $14.75 per hour, the total economic value of their caregiving would be valued at about 1.4 billion.

Disabled-BoyIn a recent survey, completed by AARP Montana, nearly 8 in 10 respondents believe family caregivers should have the support services they need to take a break or to maintain their employment. Ninety percent of those who are caregivers said their role is critical to their loved one’s independence and more than half said they have experienced stress.

For those caregivers that experience extreme stress, routine activities may seem overwhelming. The Lifespan respite voucher program may be able to help provide the break they need! Learn more by going to the Voucher Program - Application on this website.

The Lifespan Respite (LSR) Coalition in partnership with the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) has made available a public website of resources focusing on our Montana seniors and people with disabilities. The LSR Coalition collected respite services available in Montana and this information is included in the ADRC Resource Directory searchable database.

Looking for respite services? Go to the ADRC Resource Directory, click on Find Resources and under the common searches you can choose Respite Break for Caregivers, In-Home Respite Care or Out-of-home-Respite Care. You can also refine your search more by adding City, County or Zip Code.

Are you interested in becoming a Respite Care Provider?  Check out these resources to learn more about our services and how you can get involved. 


Mission Statement: The mission of the Montana Lifespan Respite Coalition is to establish a statewide coordinated system of easily accessible, quality and affordable respite care services for Montana’s family caregivers or individuals regardless of special needs.

Vision Statement: The vision of the Montana Lifespan Respite Coalition is that all family caregivers have access to quality, community-based respite care that is affordable and flexible to their needs.