Respite Provider Information & Training


Welcome to the Respite Provider page!  We are so excited that you are interested in becoming a respite provider for our Montana Caregivers.  Taking a much needed break from their caregiving responsibilities is truly a great need and makes such a difference for both the caregiver and the loved one they are caring for on a daily basis.  Below you will find some information about our recruitment efforts for respite providers as well as some training modules.  Feel free to print the quiz and complete it while you watch the videos.  Completing this is one of the requirements in order to be included on the resource directory as an individual respite provider.  Once you have completed the videos, see the next steps below to complete the background check and application.

This opportunity is made possible from a Lifespan Respite grant awarded to DPHHS, Senior & Long Term Care Aging Services Bureau and the Lifespan Respite Coalition.

Training Modules (Required)

Covid-19 Related Training

personal protective equipment


Infographic: Putting on /Taking off PPE 


Hand Washing   (7 minute video)

How to Select, Wear and Clean Your Mask