Pharmacy Consults for Montana Residents

This part of SB324 is for all Montana citizens that will benefit from a no cost in depth consultation with licensed and credentialed participating pharmacists.

The MT PharmAssist program is open to all Montana citizens, regardless of age or income.

The State of Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services has partnered with the University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Mountain-Pacific Quality Health to create this program whereby citizens can sit down with a participating pharmacist to review and discuss their total pharmaceutical regimen.

The goals of the program are to offer Montana citizens:

  • An avenue to investigate ways of controlling medication costs, maximize drug therapies and at the same time derive additional health benefits from proper and prudent use of medications.
  • An opportunity to build and strengthen the relationship with their participating community pharmacist. The participating pharmacist is providing medication management recommendations.
  • An opportunity to improve communication with their healthcare provider.
  • An opportunity to receive education and support for efforts in taking a more active role in their own healthcare regimen.

Other goals are:

  • To improve communication between primary-care providers and pharmacists: Pharmacists involved in this program are not diagnosing, treating medical conditions or prescribing medications. The participating pharmacist is providing medication management recommendations.
  • Pharmacists involved will provide a comprehensive accounting of all medical conditions and medication therapies giving a complete picture for building personalized treatment plans.

Steps to apply:

  • Request a Patient Packet by calling:

1-866-913-2323 Toll Free in MT
(406) 444-0440 Helena/Out-of-State
Request for a Patient Packet can be made by the patient, healthcare professionals, family, friends or caregivers.

  • Complete the Patient Packet, sign pages 6 and 7 and return in the envelope provided or to:

Mountain-Pacific Quality Health
ATTN: Montana PharmAssist
3404 Cooney Drive
Helena MT 59602

Once Mountain-Pacific Quality Health (MPQH) receives your completed Patient Packet:

  • MPQH will review your information to determine if there is an opportunity for you to benefit from a participating pharmacist consultation and if indicated follow-up services as well.
  • If determined that you would benefit from a pharmacist consultation your Patient Packet will be routed to a participating pharmacist.
  • The participating pharmacist will review your Patient Packet and arrange a face-to-face consultation with you. Remember, the participating pharmacist will be paid by the Montana PharmAssist program for their services.
  • Following the consultation, the participating pharmacist will provide a letter to you, all your appropriate healthcare providers, and to MT PharmAssist, outlining the consultation recommendations.
  • You are encouraged to hand carry a copy of the consultation recommendations to your next healthcare provider appointment.