Senior and Long Term Care

Our mission is to work to advance dignity and independence through quality, long-term care services and supports.

Community Services
Explore Medicaid services and support options for seniors and people with disabilities that help maintain a person's independence for as long as possible.
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Aging Services
Access non-Medicaid services designed for individuals aged 60 and older. Learn about programs and resources supporting independent living and enhancing the quality of life for older adults.
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Protective and Legal Services
Find support and resources for protection and advocacy, to ensure your rights and well-being.
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Home and Living Options FAQ
Find answers to frequently asked questions about staying in your home with assistance, exploring alternatives to nursing homes, and finding options for veterans and those needing 24-hour nursing care.
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Financial Planning
Get informed about financial and insurance considerations. Access resources to help you plan and manage the costs of long-term care and other services.
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Program Providers
Explore detailed information about the various programs and grants coordinated by SLTC. Find eligibility requirements, services provided, and contact details for each program.
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Understand your eligibility for Medicaid, health coverage assistance, and other public assistance programs.
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Civil Monetary Penalties
Understand how civil monetary penalties (CMPs) improve nursing home care. Learn how to apply for CMP funds to support resident-benefiting projects and ensure compliance.
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