Alzheimer’s Disease Resources

The National Alzheimer’s Association Web site ( is a trusted source for answers about Alzheimer’s disease.  With over 1,000 pages of content, the site is a rich resource and offers:

  • Information about the disease
  • Tips for caregivers and for people living with Alzheimer’s
  • Tools to assist with caregiving and planning
  • News
  • Contact information to reach free 24/7 professional care consultation in over 150   languages
  • Opportunities for sharing insights and receiving support on the message boards.


5 "Pocket" Films by the Alliance for Aging Research
The Alliance for Aging Research offers 5 “pocket” films to increase understanding of Alzheimer's disease. They are called "pocket" films because of their brevity and portability; they are designed to be viewed anywhere at anytime.


  1. What is Alzheimer’s disease
  2. An Urgent Epidemic
  3. The Race to the Cure
  4. A message for Patients and their Families
  5. The Genetics of Alzheimer's

To find out more about respite care services for Alzheimer’s Disease caregivers, please contact your local Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-551-3191.